Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Backpacking Tips for Rookies like Myself

Hey loyal readers - I wanted to deviate from discussing the character flaws of Urban Meyer for an entry. If you're thinking about backpacking anywhere, and are new to the concept, I'd encourage you to read this.

Our route
I recently went on a two-week "backpacking" trip throughout Europe with two friends, Tyler and Nate. We started in Madrid (3 nights), proceeded to Barcelona (4 nights), flew to Munich (2 nights), took a train to Berlin (2 nights) and ended in Amsterdam (2 nights). While I wouldn't consider myself a rookie traveler, having traveled to various countries with my family, this was my first "backpacking" experience (though I really screwed up the backpacking part, as you'll see). I learned quite a few things I'd recommend to any young traveler who is looking to backpack throughout Europe, or anywhere else. By no means do I think I'm an expert, but it's advice I wish I would have had/followed before this trip.

Experienced backpackers: feel free to chime in as you see fit/tell me where I'm still coming off as a novice/idiot. Tips after the jump.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Urban Meyer vs Brady Hoke: Easy Choice or Easiest Choice?

I'm in the midst of a 6 hour train ride from Berlin to Amsterdam, and I can't help but think of just how bad a person Urban Meyer is. Let's list out why a recruits' parents should never consider sending their kid to play for him, especially if Brady Hoke is in the picture.