Friday, March 27, 2015

WCBM Round 2

There was a decent amount of interest in round 1 so I figured I'd go ahead and keep updating this. Quick rundown of noteworthy matchups from the voting Monday-Thursday:

  • (8)Hillbilly put up a surprising fight, going down 46-22
  • (6)Handgliding with an easy upset over (3)Numchuck'd 36-21
  • (2)Damn, Sluts! was a big winner, advancing 53-7...
  • ...but Trapster got shafted twice
    • (3)Trapster & Sack went down in embarrassing fashion, 34-19
    • (4)WOP Genius lost a nailbiter, 27-26 (idiots)
  • Biggest Winner: (2)Motorboatin' SOB over (7)Judas, 49-4

Matchups and voting for the next round below.

Monday, March 23, 2015


What's up everyone, long time no see. I apologize, I've been very busy photoshopping Jim Harbaugh into pictures with me  working hard and focusing on my studies.

Anyway, everyone's obviously got bracket fever with it being March and all. Unfortunately, Michigan (most successful team the past two years NBD) is not in this year's Tournament, so it's really just irrelevant and I know noone actually cares what happens. This is where Wedding Crashers comes in. As the greatest RomCom / overall comedy of all time, this epic achievement in film-making is always relevant.

We've all seen it 100s of times, but more importantly we all (aka I) quote it pretty much every day. In turn, to get everyone excited about a bracket of some kind, I've compiled the 32 greatest quotes from the film. Now it's time to determine which one is the best. The entire bracket and the first round of polls are after the jump.